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​​Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. Our Screenplay Factory service was founded in Hollywood, CA. We write screenplays, teleplays, mini series, and plays from your idea, outline, ebook, synopsis, memoir, or Book to Screen.  We help bring YOUR idea or book to LIFE onto the screen by having a professional script. INCLUDED for FREE are many services that only people who are connected can give to our clients. OUR FREE promotion plan includes excellent ways for your script to sell and be a success!   We are connected with filmmakers, festivals, awards, studios, agents and work with film distribution companies every day,  VP Acquisitions and Writer/Development of major Film and TV Distribution companies, on IMDb! Our client's scripts constantly WIN Film Festival awards and BEST FILMS all year long!
What sets us apart from other screenwriters is that we are script experts, script doctors, have a track record of thrilled clients, produced films, on IMDb, work with agents, film producers, studio heads and are working in the film industry daily. We go to film festivals all year round!   We help guide you on how to connect with producers, so you have a TOP chance on YOUR SCRIPT project getting produced. Our FREE plan helps guide clients on pitching it to A-List producer contacts and A-List stars.  FREE expert step-by-step easy promotion plan for clients!​
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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
You will be matched with your personal professional screenwriter by the genre and their expertise.
​​​​SCREENWRITERS ARE: Award Winning: Kathy Krantz Stewart, Colin Stewart and Steph Kimmel 


Paul (PK) Holmes
Paul (PK) hired you as a Writer/Editor 
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity 
“Kathy is a true and dedicated professional with a passion and understanding of the creative process and script development / writing. She is a detailed researcher and wordsmith. A pleasure to have worked with her.” 

Margaret Guidry
Margaret hired you as a Writer/Editor and hired you more than once 
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative 
“Kathy is highly intelligible and professional. She produces high quality work in a timely manner. I felt she was cheated, the money she charged was not equivalent to the services she provided. I will definitely hire again, and again. 

Paul Swanger
, owner/performer, The Party Continues (colleague)
worked directly with you 
“I had the pleasure of working with Kathy on a Colin Stewart film, "Master Race From Mars". Kathy's personality, professionalism, and work ethics made working with her a very positive experience. Since this particular project I have stayed in contact and worked on small tasks for her, and will sooon be working for her on a major project, Kathy has stayed focused, hard working, positive, and successful. If you have a project that needs this kind of honest treatment I say call now and hire the best, Kathy Krantz Stewart.” 

Jennifer Etherton
, Owner, Jennifer Etherton Literary Services (business partner)
was a consultant or contractor to you 
“Kathy Krantz Stewart is the genius behind many creative projects from her children’s books including RANI: THE UGLY DOGLING to the films she produces such as COWGIRL ROMANCE and her television series THE KEEPERS. All of these projects are slated to add many more awards to this amazing artist’s trophy room. A powerhouse in herself, Kathy is an amazing addition to any team that she is on and a joy to represent. It is an immense pleasure to have her on my roster.” 

kathy hired as a Writer/Editor

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative 
“I highly recommend Kathy to write a script. She took my script , that needed alot of work, and turned that script into a professional, creative and knock your socks off script., that when you read it, you want to make the movie. I was highly impressed with her. She was also beyond reasonably priced for the great script I got. She's also very humble, honest and genuine person.” 

Scott Gertzen
Scott hired you as a Writer/Editor  
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity 
“Kathy is a very kind talented lady who cares about her clients and their work. She can help you get to the next level with your project and I highly recommend her..” 

Véronique Robert
(business partner)
was with another company when working with you 
“Kathy is a very talented and conscientious Award winning writer, and producer. I’m looking forward to working with her in the future.” 

Ellen Barrier Books - Ellen Barrier  - Author
I highly recommend and endorse Kathy Krantz Stewart, with pleasure. She has been very helpful to me in working on my novel as a screenplay writer. 
Her attitude is warm and caring. I am very pleased with her work.
Top quality - expert - good value- high integrity

“Kathy is a highly creative asset for our film company. Excellent screenwriter and performing artist (actress). High energy, enthusiastic, indefatigable, keen artistic, respectful of client wishes.” 
Moviemaker Kelly
, CEO, StewArt Productions Ltd (colleague)
worked with you 

See MANY MORE thrilled screenplay clients recommendations on LinkedIn. And, see awards for BEST FILMS and BEST SCREENPLAYS every month and every year! The latest one is 1st place at the NEW YORK FILM AWARDS, LOS ANGELES FILM AWARDS, HOLLYWOOD BLVD. FILM FESTIVAL and Many more! 
Colin Stewart is a highly creative and CEO of my company. His professional work ethics, and vast knowledge of the film production industry is amazing. He wears as many hats as needed to bring great success with our films. He directs, writes, and produces feature films. Moviemaker has won awards for his feature films and screenplays. He also has great editing skills, as he was co-publisher, editor and writer of an entertainment magazine for 12 years. If you want a truly dynamic and talented film director, writer or producer, I highly recommend Moviemaker Kelly for those jobs in the entertainment industry.” June 21, 2011

Kathy Krantz Stewart, Owner of StewArt Productions, Good Book Films,  Biblical Films, award winning film producer and SAG actress, StewArt Productions, Biblical Films
worked directly with Moviemaker at StewArt Productions Ltd

Stephanie works at our film production company and wears many hats, as a Production Assistant and as a screenwriter. She is a busy screenwriter of FEATURE FILMS, TV SERIES', DOCUMENTARIES, BOOKS to SCREEN. She came highly recommended by professionals and I think she does the most excellent job for her clients every time. She has written screenplays for Film and TV from Book to Screen She has the latest PC software, Final Draft 8, etc. I would HIGHLY recommend Stephanie as a screenwriter, script doctor, or editor, as I know she will do the work in a professional and outstanding manner every time!

MANY more RECOMMENDATIONS on Request and on :)) 

MANY MORE client recommendations on LINKEDIN.COM! 

Book series to scripts- DOZENS of BEST SCREENPLAY AWARDS IN!

"Follow your dream...make it so." This is for anyone who truly believes in their own dream that have a story to tell, from your book or an idea made into a feature film or TV series.

Kathy and her husband Colin (aka Sarge) are friendly dedicated professional individuals. Award winning screen writers and a whole lot more that can help launch your story from dream to screen!

Once you have your professional script in hand a very unique surprise awaits you that takes you through carefully selected steps to where those dreams are made.

You are the owner of the script and as the scriptwriter she treats all her clients with exceptional care and your finished screenplay? Like her own babies long after the conception of your script.

If you are looking for a connection to Hollywood,

Contact:"Screenwriter For hire - Award Winning Screenplay Writer, Award Winning Film producer
Screenwriter For hire

For further reference you may contact me at

Danny L. W. - Author 

Dawna Lee Heising

Executive Producer and Host at Eye on Entertainment on Amazon Prime

Dawna Lee worked with Kathy in different groups

  Kathy Krantz Stewart is a consummate professional and a good person. We are co-producers and publicists for Ethyrea LLC and we both have roles in the $93M series of four fantasy/adventure films. I have worked with Kathy for over a year now and she is amazing. She is a great actress, networker, publicist and friend. Since meeting her, I have gotten roles in many of her faith-based projects and her distribution company has helped many of my projects. I am so blessed and honored that Ethyrea brought Kathy, her husband Colin Stewart and I together. I have recommended her and will continue to recommend her acting talents to everyone involved with my producing projects. 

Sharyn Abbott

CEO & Founder at Ultimate Business International
 Sharyn worked with Kathy but at different companies

  I had the pleasure of interviewing Kathy on my radio program and found her knowledge of screenwriting to be exemplary. Her connections with the movie industry will give any one wishing to get their books to film an advantage that is priceless. She knows how to covert a book into a magnificent screenplay because she knows what industry wants. She has developed contacts within the TV and film industry which are nearly impossible for others to cultivate.
  I had the pleasure of referring Kathy to several of my clients and they raved about her demeanor and her professional knowledge. She is the real deal and you should not hesitate to work with her. She will save you valuable time and alleviate the frustration of getting your project to film. 

Edward Holman II

Author/ Novelist/Poet (fiction and reality writing) Editing/Publisher/Cover Designer/Artist at Edward H' Wolf Publisher
Edward was senior to Kathy but didn’t manage directly

  I endorse Kathy Krantz Stewart who has exceptional credentials, and is highly qualified to make your creativity come alive in the film and TV industries. I highly recommend her with the greatest of respect. So don't delay, have her work on a screenplay or script for you today.
  Thank you sincerely with a humble heart.
  Edward H' Wolf (pen) Edward Holman II (real)
  Published Provocative and Controversial Author Extraordinaire'
  At: both Trafford print on demand and Amazon eBooks
  P.S. Oh, and please check out all of my literary works and add them to your library today as well. 

Julie Kahles

 Julie was a client of Kathy’s

  Kathy Krantz Stewart is a God send! I've been in the entertainment business nearly 30 years now. But always on the side of music. I hired Kathy to write a screenplay for my daughter's book. Kathy goes beyond being a screenplay writer! She wears many hats! And she's so generous with her expertise that she has taught me all about the film & movie industry now! Kathy & I are partners in a TV show that's about to launch in the Spring of 2016, I've learned production, and we plan to Co-Produce a feature film together!

  Kathy is like panning for gold & coming out with largest Gold Nugget! Hire her for screenwriting and you come away from the experience as an actress, producer, publicist, and TV director!
  After 30 years in the business I would recommend Kathy to the most highly respected CEO in the industry. She's professional, has vast knowledge in many fields, and most importantly AND RARE...KATHY IS HONEST! Thank you Kathy for the many doors you've opened for me AND my daughter! And for the many opportunities we've been able to seize! You are the best! 

Jesse Butler

Penguin Random House Advisory Panel
Jesse was a client of Kathy’s

  Kathy has been sent to us as a servant of God who provides superior, in depth and creative work that affords us an opportunity to brighten our lives towards a great future. Therefore, I highly recommend her. 

Bob Stockton
Bob hired Colin and Kathy as a Writer/Editor in 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

“Kathy and Colin are knowledgeable, articulate and extremely effective film producers and screenwriters. I heartily recommend them to anyone wishing to develop their novel into a screenplay or bring their story to the big screen."

Bob Stockton, Author.” November 23, 2011

Liam Moiser

Moore Field School, Award-Winning Author
, Liam was a client of Kathy’s


  What can I say about Kathy,

  Well there are a lot of things that I can say, she such a lovely woman and has done an amazing job in changing my award-winning Moore Field School and the Mystery children's book into a lovely screen play. I would recommend her to anyone that is serious about having their book turned into a film. You need a screenplay and Kathy works her socks off to give you the best one possible. You can tell she has years of experience and she is flexible. She listened to everyone of my suggestions, not that there were that many because she surpassed my expectations on the first go with every set of pages she sent me. From the bottom of my heart I would like to say Thank You for everything.

I gave Kathy, an idea and she creatively ran with it. Easy to work with. Professional, the first person I think of when I get a new job. I will definitely continue to hire Kathy for her creative services. I highly recommend.
If you have a story you want made into a movie, you need to start with a script. One of the most professional, affordable, screenwriters I have worked with is Kathy Krantz Stewart. View her site for more info. - Award Winning Screenplay Writer, Award Winning Film producer
Screenwriter For hire

From Sharon Agina, Film Producer/Writer

Kathy is an amazing woman, I had just shot part of my film Pearls of Africa and had trouble compressing and reducing the screenplay. Every male writer I turned to could not give me a satisfactory answer, all they said was it can't work. I then remembered, the best Love story writers were women and it took me six months searching for that female writer who can understand love within a different culture.

The person who was able to doctor my screen play was Kathy, I loved her honesty, charisma, jokes and efficiency, intellect and willingness to learn meanings of new words and what they represented. Kathy had speed and never missed out on consultation as work was in progress. Although I was in England UK Kathy made me feel like we were working next to each other. The screenplay was well doctored in two versions and I have been able to present it to companies like universal and other major financial distribution company.

Kathy did not only doctor the screenplay but recommended me to a Distribution Company which I have since met with at the Cannes film festival where Kathy's current work was being displayed for distribution. The Distribution company found my screenplay not only readable but acceptable. I am highly recommending Kathy and would hire her again. if you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sharon Agina

"This filmmaker, producer and screenwriter is truly a person of her word. I believe God sent her to give people opportunities to brighten their lives in this area." 

This posting on my account from Jesse Butler really touched me. Thanks so much Jesse!!!
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